From the very beginning Jonathon and I have wanted Forager Farm to be a diversified farm. Not only growing vegetables, but providing additional elements to one’s diet, i.e. sourdough breads, micro goat dairy, pastured pork, etc.

Gypsy Goat is the start of our adventure into micro goat dairying.

I will be spending the month of January + a bit more in Gales Creek, OR just outside of Portland at Fraga Farm, learning all that I can to bring back this knowledge to North Dakota & Forager Farm.

In case you don’t know: Forager Farm is our 100-member vegetable CSA in central NoDak. Jonathon is my husband and fellow adventurer.

Fun Fact: We actually thought of the name Gypsy Goat before we found a name for Forager Farm.

gypsy: a nomadic or free-spirited person; wanderer, roamer, rover, traveller.

goat: a hardy domesticated ruminant animal that is kept for its milk and meat and is noted for its lively and frisky behavior.